Membrános levegőztetés (MBR)

The future-oriented solution for ever increasing requirements in wastewater treatment - for a maximum effluent quality

Germ-free water at low cost

The clarification process on municipal and industrial plants has been characterised by large space requirements, big structures, odour development and poor degradation and retention efficiency in case of varying loads. This results in a heavy environmental burden in the form of emissions and impairment of nature, high building costs and plant maintenance costs.

The HUBER membrane systems allow for size reduction of the structures required by up to 70 % and even increase the performance of wastewater treatment plants. Problems with scum or sludge overflow that occur with sedimentation are no longer an issue with filtration. Even existing structures can be retrofitted and the capacity increased. Existing preliminary and secondary clarification tanks can be modified and further used as storage and stand-by tanks.

Furthermore, the effluent quality of such plants complies with all presently applicable standards and even allows direct reuse of the bacteria-free and germ-free effluent as service water (e.g. for irrigation).