HUBER Solutions for Sewer Systems

There are still many problems with sewer systems, e.g.:

  • A substantial portion of the collected sewage does not even arrive at a treatment plant. Particularly through combined sewer overflows (CSO), a substantial portion of the yearly freight is discharged directly into receiving waters. And usually it is not even known how much sewage is discharged through CSOs. .
  • Floating and suspended matter are also directly discharged into receiving waters through storm tank overflows.
  • Sediments in storm water tanks are often not removed and treated effectively and efficiently.
  • Solids are deposited in sewers and inverts during dry weather flow, are remobilized during heavy storm events, and overload wastewater treatment plants as a freight peak, or are directly discharged into receiving waters through overflows.
  • Sewage pumps in lifting and forwarding stations are often clogged by coarse solids.
  • Essential components of sewer manholes are corroding.

We offer efficient HUBER Solutions for all these problems: