Sludge Incineration

Systems Concept for On-Site Sludge Incineration

Dried sewage sludge has about the same heat value as brown coal.

To save fuel and transportation costs, and to avoid dependency from power generators who burn sludge at their power plants for a steep price, sludge should be preferably incinerated on site, i.e. at wastewater treatment plants.

Sludge incineration generates heat and power in sufficient quantities for sludge dryer operation. Both sludge drying and incineration should be done side by side.

Our advanced sludge2energy concept offers operators of wastewater treatment plants a complete chain of sludge treatment, including sludge incineration. Of course, our concept not only provides for energetic integration and optimization, but also includes efficient flue gas treatment.

Our first sludge2energy plant is presently under construction in Bavaria.